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It's rare that we are asked for a refund and since we want to know everyone is happy with their plans, we do offer a full refund if returned within 30 days, so long as the patterns have not been used and the request for a refund is reasonable.   


We do not sell customer information to outside marketing firms.  Buying from us will never put you on a spam list.


Woodworking Den and its third party vendors use technology that allows us to identify what type of browser you are using, the web site from which you enter and the pages viewed as you visit our site. This helps us to understand use of the website, which helps us to improve the design and content to better serve you.

Aside from necessary credit card payment processing with banks, your personal information is not shared with any other party. 

Privacy Statement - Credit Card Processing

Data may be sent to the credit card processor to process transactions and as necessary to prevent or detect fraud or obtain a fraud score on the customer's transaction.

The credit card processor also may use customer data to provide Woodworking Den with customer support or to resolve disputes in connection with processing transactions. The credit card processor might, under certain circumstances, also need to use the customer data to comply with the requirements of law or the lawful order of a court or other governmental body. 

When the credit card processor receives the transaction requests, it will send the transaction data to a database maintained for a credit card fraud consortium, where the transaction is profiled for indicators of fraud, using a patented neural network technology that identifies and adapts to new fraud trends. The neural network assigns a numeric score to the transaction and returns the score to the credit card processor, which may be shared with Woodworking Den.  The consortium operator is under contract with the credit card processor to use the data solely for the purpose of developing its credit card fraud prevention model and assigning and returning fraud scores for the transactions it receives.     


All plans offered by Woodworking Den are original.  The plans offered by Woodworking Den are copyrighted and sold for personal, non-commercial use.  No permission is granted to duplicate or copy of any of the printed materials, patterns or plans.  All rights are reserved and will be enforced internationally.  A reward program is available for information leading to collection of court-awarded back fines and seizures from illegal reproduction of the patterns or plans of any of these designs by Woodworking Den.  These copyrights will be pursued and upheld.

Distribution of copies of the patterns or plans is not authorized or permitted, nor implied, and will be prosecuted fully in court.  The plans are copyrighted, and all rights to commercial production and distribution will be pursued and upheld internationally. Further, we do not offer royalty or licensing contract arrangements for commercial production and or retail distribution of furniture based on these designs.

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