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Life Size Adirondack Chair Patterns for Accuracy and Ease

The furniture from these patterns are comfortable and designed to last.

Cape Cod'r

Adirondack Chair Patterns - The Cape Cod'r

Modern style adirondack chair plans - great on the beach or in the backyard

The Tiffany Breeze Adirondack Chair Plans) Adirondack Chair Patterns - The Tiffany Breeze

Contemporary adirondack chair plans - styling with a flair while maintaining traditional comfort

Adirondack Ottoman Plans

An accessory for any of our regular sized Adirondack chair patterns

Adirondack Side Table Pattern

Adirondack Side Table Woodworking Patterns

Convenient to hold drinks and phones, useful with any of our plans and patterns

workbench plan  Dura-Strong Workbench Plan

The start of a successful project is a good work bench. This will provide a great addition to any workshop, with optional sizes

Kid's Cape Cod'r Adirondack Woodworking Patterns

An Adirondack chair pattern for kids 3 to 12 years old

Kid's Tiffany Breeze Woodworking Patterns

An Adirondack chair pattern for kids 3 to 12 years old

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